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She Will Be Missed

Released: August 5, 2018

We at VNA have heavy hearts as we mourn the loss of long-time VNA Meals on Wheels volunteer and VNA Lifetime Board Member Mary Bartholow.

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More Than Volunteers

Released: June 21, 2018

Read the touching story and watch the video of Stephanie and her daughter Gabby as they provide care for patients through volunteering with VNA hospice.

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9 Years Delivering Meals

Released: June 17, 2018

Every other Tuesday of the month, you’ll find Kenny delivering for VNA’s Meals on Wheels. Now in his 9th year, Kenny has not only delivered just a meal —

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Truly Understanding Hospice

Released: September 27, 2017

Hospice is a word many know but few truly understand. For the nurses, aides, social workers, and chaplains who work with hospice patients —

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Interview with a Patriot

Released: January 4, 2017

Loyalty. Duty. Respect. Selfless Service. Honor. Integrity. Personal Courage. These are the seven Army Values that one must swear an oath to live by if he or she is to become an American Soldier.

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Joy in our Town Katherin Krause Interview

Released: March 22, 2016

Watch this great Joy in our Town, interview with VNA President & CEO Katherine Krause.

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One More Journey

Released: March 8, 2016

For Murry McCammon, his life truly began in 1948 in Columbia, Missouri. That’s when he was in college and attended a dance at the student union....

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41 Years and Going Strong

Released: Feb 23, 2016

For 41 years, Johnnie Turner has been a kind voice and a helping hand for VNA patients. She began her career as a social worker with VNA Home Health Care and now serves VNA Hospice...

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Family is a Constant

Released: Feb 9, 2016

Dorothy has spent most of her life in Kaufman County. Born as one of 12 children to a cotton-farming family in the small community of Jiba, Dorothy grew up splitting her time between...

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More Than A Meal

Released: January 26, 2016

Whether you live in Dallas, Texas or Lame Deer, Montana, chances are you have heard of Meals on Wheels. However, few are aware of the full benefit of the program. VNA Meals on Wheels is more...

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Touch of Relief

Released: January 19, 2016

When Willie Payne realized he wouldn’t win his fight against cancer and didn’t want to keep enduring the treatments, he decided to turn to VNA Hospice Care.

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Virginia’s Story

Released: January 12, 2016

Virginia, a VNA Meals on Wheels client since March of 2015, doesn’t like to get something for nothing. That’s why, every month, she makes a donation to VNA Meals on Wheels...

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Personalized Options for in-home care

Released: January 5, 2016

As the population continues to grow older, more and more people find themselves needing to provide additional care for an aging loved one. As they do, they often seek out...

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VNA Holiday Meals on Wheels

Released: December 29, 2015

Spending a couple of hours on Christmas morning making the holiday brighter for VNA Meals on Wheels clients is a time-honored tradition in Dallas. This past Christmas morning...

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John Nickles brings a little more joy

Released: December 23, 2015

Becoming a “Santa” wasn’t something John had planned on doing. After having surgery on his hand a few years ago, he couldn’t shave. His granddaughter took a look at the bushy white..

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VNA Ann’s Haven Cuts Ribbon on New Location

Released: December 15, 2015

On Dec. 10, VNA Ann’s Haven hosted a Denton Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting to officially open its new location. VNA President and CEO Katherine Krause joined with other members.

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National Institute For Jewish Hospice Accreditation

Released: December 2, 2015

This month, VNA renewed its National Accreditation from the National Institute For Jewish Hospice (NIJH). The accreditation links VNA Hospice Care with NIJH which provides staff training,

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A Gift to Her Mother, and Herself

Released: November 18, 2015

Leslie Guditis’ connection with VNA Ann’s Haven goes all the way back to her childhood in Denton. She grew up with Millie Lockwood, the daughter of Ann Lockwood, for whom VNA Ann’s Haven is named.

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Treating the whole person

Released: November 3, 2015

Hospice reaffirms life, focuses on dignity, brings comfort and quality to the time remaining. Hospice does not hurry death. Hospice does not prevent death. Death is the inevitable destination at the end of hospice, and like any destination, the traveler must prepare for arrival...

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The Music Man

Released: October 27, 2015

Walking up the steps of a small home near Bachman Lake, a meal in his hands destined for the man inside, VNA Meals on Wheels volunteer Ned Startzel sings a few lines from a song that was popular when men wore hats and the newest Humphrey Bogart movie was the big draw at the box office...

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Serving One Who Served

Released: October 20, 2015

VNA Hospice Care provides for hundreds of patients throughout North Texas every year. In the Denton area alone, VNA Ann’s Haven provided hospice for more than 150 patients last year. Most of our patients are eligible for Medicare and the excellent hospice coverage it...

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