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Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response

A Message for VNA Meals on Wheels Volunteers

Here at VNA, we are excited to welcome back our dedicated Meals on Wheels volunteers to in-person deliveries.

Our top priority is keeping our clients and volunteers safe! Volunteers choosing to participate in delivery must follow some essential safety steps.

  • Volunteers and staff must complete the COVID-19 screening tool the morning of delivery prior to arriving at the drop site. You can access the screening tool on the VNA Mobile App the morning of delivery. If you answer “yes” to any of the questions, or if you are not feeling well on your delivery day, please cancel your route using the Volunteer Portal and email immediately.

    Click the following link to access the VNA Screening Tool.

  • All volunteers must use the VNA Mobile App to deliver meals; no paper manifests will be printed. This is important for contact tracing if a volunteer or client tests positive for COVID-19. Using the app also reduces staff time as well as the contact required to produce paper manifests.

  • Face masks must be worn when picking up and delivering meals.

  • Social distancing of 6 feet is required at all drop sites at all times. All coolers will be staged accordingly.

  • Blue insulated bags and hand sanitizer will be provided at the drop sites as needed at no charge. If you are using a previously used blue bag, please wipe it down with disinfectant prior to packing out your route. Please use hand sanitizer before you begin your route and between each delivery.

  • All clients receive freshly prepared meals consisting of the white cold bag and hot meal tray, and shelf stable meal boxes. Some clients will also receive yellow breakfast bags. It is important to check the app for the meal count for each meal type. Please be sure to count out each of the items you need prior to leaving the drop site. You may also have some greeting cards to pass along to clients.

  • Also, there are plastic blue bags to package the shelf stable meal boxes. When you arrive at the client’s home, you can remove the hot and cold components from their respective insulated bags and place the other meal components into the blue plastic bag for each client. This makes handing over or dropping off the meal components easier and reduces contact with the client.

  • Please do not use gloves to make deliveries as hand sanitation must occur between each delivery.

  • Please call clients before you arrive at their homes to alert them of your arrival. Please ask the client to put their mask on when they come to the door to receive their meal. You can utilize the app to make note of any issues you encounter and mark each client as delivered or not delivered.

Thank you for providing safe and compassionate care to our homebound senior clients. Be sure to let the VNA team know if you have any questions or concerns. Stay safe and welcome back!