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Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response

A Message for VNA Meals on Wheels Volunteers

We are so very grateful for the outpouring of support from our dedicated volunteers.  Your willingness to adapt to our ever-changing environment is an inspiration. Thank you for all you do! VNA is committed to taking the necessary steps to prepare for and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other common illnesses. As you can imagine, our needs are changing constantly, and we are making decisions on a daily basis in order to keep our clients, volunteers and staff healthy. Below are some key points to guide you in the coming weeks:

  • Beginning Monday, March 30th, volunteers will no longer deliver hot meals to clients’ doorsteps. This is a temporary action taken to limit exposure of the virus to clients and volunteers.  Clients have been instructed to eat their shelf-stable meals.  Staff will deliver hot meals twice a week along with additional shelf-stable meals.

  • Effective Monday, April 6th, VNA will utilize the mobile app in order to “virtually deliver” the meals and check on our clients on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week. Routes will be assigned ONLY to volunteers using the app and who are willing to call clients to check on them. If you are not already using the mobile app, please download and start using it today. Paper and/or emailed manifests will not be used for virtual deliveries.

  • Utilization ofthe VNA Mobile App is critical at this time.  The mobile app contains client names and phone numbers as well as a feedback mechanism where volunteers can input client needs that will be viewed in real time by our staff.  This is the most efficient way we can ensure our vulnerable senior clients can be reminded to eat their meals, check on their wellbeing and follow up on any needs in a timely manner. 

  • Regular ongoing volunteers will have an opportunity to call clients on their regular route(s) beginning April 6th if they are using the mobile app.  Please reach out to the volunteer team at 214-689-3222 to let them know by Wednesday, April 1 if you would like to participate in contacting clients by phone. Over the next week, we will be developing a calling script for volunteers and adjusting the app to accommodate client feedback needs.

  • In order to participate in our virtual deliveries, you must be a fully onboarded volunteer (completed online application, completed online training, and successfully passed your background check).  If you are not fully onboarded and would like to participate in the virtual volunteer opportunity, please start the process today at  The onboarding process can take 5-7 business days.

  • If you are not already using the mobile app, please download and start using it today. It’s easy and user friendly. Please click on the link below to watch a video on how to use the mobile app.


Please be on the lookout for further information about the virtual delivery process, including a calling script.  Thank you again for your patience and cooperation.  You deliver hope to our senior neighbors in need!

Please reach out to our volunteer engagement team with questions or concerns at 

Thank you!  We wish you health and peace at this time.