Virtual Meal Delivery -

COVID-19 Response

Virtual Meal Delivery

Thank you for your willingness to check on our Meals on Wheels clients via a virtual delivery! We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we create new and evolving ways to carry out our mission.

As a reminder, volunteers must be fully onboarded in our portal and have the “VNA Meals on Wheels” mobile delivery app downloaded onto your smart phone. You will log in to the mobile app with the email and password that you used to set up your volunteer portal account. If you already have the app installed on your smartphone, please ensure you have the most recent update.

Here’s how the virtual delivery will work!

  1. If you already have a regularly scheduled route and are able to use the app, you are set up and ready for virtual delivery. *** Please know that your reminder email will still give you a physical pick up location. Please ignore this.

  2. On the day of delivery, you’ll open up your mobile delivery beginning at 10:30 AM. You can see your list of clients and phone numbers. To call clients, simply click on the phone number. Utilizing a prescribed script (see below), you will call the clients on your list between 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM. All calls should be completed by 1:30PM each day to give us time to follow up on any urgent client issues for that day.

  3. Within the app, please mark the client as DELIVERED if you actually speak to the client or someone in the home who is with the client at the time of the call. Please mark UNDELIVERED if you unable to reach the client. You will then select a reason from the dropdown box as to why you selected undelivered.

  4. We have added additional questions you can ask clients to determine what other needs they may have during this crisis. They are sorted into categories so we can more easily follow up at the end of the day. These are not required to be asked each day, but to be used as a guidepost for volunteers to organize client feedback. Please know we will do all we can to help clients with needs outside of food, but it may take some time. Thank you for encouraging them.

  5. Once you have completed calling the clients on your list, you will log out of the mobile app. In order to protect our clients, all client information will disappear from the mobile app after 2:00 PM each day.

I’m not scheduled to volunteer in the coming weeks, but would like to participate. How can I sign up?
If you are not scheduled in the coming weeks, but would like to participate, you can sign up for a route on the portal. Please log into the portal and look for open routes by zip code. You can select a route in any zip code. Click here to select preferences and search for open routes:

I am part of a volunteer group and I have the mobile app. How does this affect me?
For groups utilizing the mobile app, you are able to keep existing routes for group members using the app and assign routes to team members who wish to participate in virtual delivery.


Calls can be made directly from your app when you click on the client’s phone number. Your number cannot be blocked from caller ID using this method. If you do not wish to have your phone number appear on caller ID, you’ll need to copy and paste the phone number into your notes page and then please push *67 before dialing.

If the client does not answer the phone, you can leave the following message:


Hi, this is (First Name) with VNA Meals on Wheels. I am calling to remind you that we will not deliver a hot meal today. Please eat one of your shelf stable meals. Staff will deliver one hot meal, a breakfast meal and additional shelf stable meals on Thursday or Friday this week. If you have any questions, please call the Meals on Wheels office at (214) 689-2639.

Then mark not delivered. Please mark not home as the reason.


If the client answers the phone, you may begin the script. Click the “leave client feedback” button.

Begin script and speak loudly and slowly!

Hello! My name is (First Name) and I am a volunteer with VNA Meals on Wheels. I am calling to check on you and see how you are doing. As a reminder, we will not be delivering a hot meal today. Please eat one of your shelf stable meals today.

How are you today?

Can I ask you a few questions about how you are doing at home so that we can connect you with any resources you may need?


Scroll to down access pre-loaded questions about client needs. You’ll see the questions are bundled into areas of need so that our team can sort needs based on category. Keep in mind that clients may not feel up to talking or answering questions or they may have answered the same questions on a previous day. It is ok to not go through each question if the client feels there has been no change in their status. The list below is meant to help us gather and organize client concerns.

Health Issues

  • Do you need help with access to medication? For example, are you able to pick up prescriptions or have them mailed to your home?

  • Would you like a VNA nurse to contact you about any NEW health concerns you may have?

Try to avoid getting into a conversation about their health. Use this question to let them know that if they are not feeling well that we will have our nurse reach out to them.


Living Conditions

  • Do you need assistance with a utility bill?

    Clients may be experiencing more difficulty in managing household expenses. If there are needs that are new, we will refer them to the Senior Source for information about financial assistance.

  • Do you feel unsafe in your home?

    Being even more isolated in the home may intensify elder abuse, financial scams and bring up other fears. Simply click yes or no to this question. If someone says they do not feel safe, please empathically let them know we will have a VNA staff person contact them. This may result in a report to Adult Protective Services.

  • Do you need air conditioning/fans for the warm weather?

    Are they equipped to handle the warm weather approaching? We hold fan drives each year and will work to get them a fan if there is a need.

  • Do you need supplies you need in the home (i.e., soap, shampoo, toothpaste)?

    Accessing essential household goods is difficult for all of us and especially difficult for many of our clients. We have a limited number of toiletry items we can get out while supplies last. Unfortunately, toilet paper and paper towels are not included in our inventory.

Food needs

  • Are you unable to prepare the food provided in the shelf stable meal boxes?

    Shelf stable meal boxes contain the meal components of 1/3 of their daily food intake. They are designed to require little preparation and be easier to open. Let us know if they are having issues heating up or opening components.

  • Do you need access to additional food?

    In this uncertain time, we know that accessing additional food may be difficult for many of our clients. We would like to collect this information to refer them to other resources or assess if they can qualify for additional meals from VNA. We are trying to understand the need so that we can make a plan to address it.


Reminder of meal delivery during the public health crisis:

  • As a reminder, volunteers will call one day per week to check on you and chat.

  • Staff will be delivering hot meals and additional shelf-stable meals on Thursday or Friday, depending on your location in Dallas County.

Feel free to chat briefly and reassure them that we hope they are well.

After you hang up, please mark as delivered.

If you'd like to download and share these instructs, save the PDF version by clicking here.


Callers can share the client’s specific delivery and call schedule by looking at the grid below:
Clients who reside in the following areas will receive their meal deliveries once a week on Thursdays.

Bachman (601A, 900 routes, PD-BL-02) – Monday Virtual Delivery
Carrollton/Farmers Branch (1400 routes, PD-CF-02) – Monday Virtual Delivery
Cedar Hill (1903 routes) – Monday Virtual Delivery
Duncanville (1900 routes, PD-DV routes) – Monday Virtual Delivery
Grand Prairie (1600 routes, PD-GP routes) – Monday Virtual Delivery
North Dallas (1300 routes, PD-ND-01) – Monday Virtual Delivery
Richardson (1300 routes, PD-RS routes) – Monday Virtual Delivery
Haggerty/West Dallas (700 routes) – Monday Virtual Delivery
Lancaster (1700 routes, PD-LN-01) – Monday Virtual Delivery
White Rock (1100 routes, PD-WR routes) – Tuesday Virtual Delivery
Rolling Hills in Desoto (2000 routes) – Tuesday Virtual Delivery
Rockwall/Rowlett (2100 routes) – Tuesday Virtual Delivery
S.E. Oak Cliff – Tommie Allen (400 routes) – Tuesday Virtual Delivery
Mesquite (200 routes, PD-MS routes) – Wednesday Virtual Delivery

Clients who reside in the following areas will receive their meal deliveries once a week on Fridays.

S. E. Oak Cliff- Carver Heights (PD-CH routes) – Tuesday Virtual Delivery
DeSoto (1800 routes, PD-DS routes) – Tuesday Virtual Delivery
East Dallas (1000 routes, PD-ED routes) – Tuesday Virtual Delivery
Oak Cliff (800 routes, PD-OC routes) – Tuesday Virtual Delivery
Garland (1200 routes, PD-GR routes) – Wednesday Virtual Delivery
Irving (1500 routes, PD-IR-02) – Wednesday Virtual Delivery
Pleasant Grove (100 routes, PD-PG routes) – Wednesday Virtual Delivery
Seagoville (300 routes, PD-SG routes) - Wednesday Virtual Delivery
South Dallas (500 routes, PD-SD routes) – Wednesday Virtual Delivery