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Welcome to VNA and we thank you for your interest in serving seniors and disabled adults as a VNA volunteer.  Without the support of volunteers, VNA would not be able to fulfill our mission of helping people age with dignity and independence at home.

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Become a volunteer today and help seniors in Dallas County get the support they need. Click below to sign up and we will contact you shortly.

Hospice Volunteer

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Interested, hardworking volunteers have been VNA’s backbone from the beginning, establishing VNA as the leader in providing a wide range of health care services in the home. VNA’s first Director Miss Gertrude Hosmer’s words are as true today as they were decades ago: “It has been the interest of individuals and clubs with keen, long distance vision for our needs that has meant so much in the developing of our work.”

Volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. A kind word from a volunteer may be the only human contact many of our clients have all day. Your time makes a difference.

VNA offers volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups, organizations, and companies.  Click here to find out how you can help.

Why I Volunteer:

“Our team at Southwest Airlines has enjoyed delivering VNA Meals on Wheels for over a decade. The most profound thing I find about volunteering for VNA is the fact that for every ONE DAY you volunteer to deliver meals, you save the organization enough money to be able to feed another hungry senior for AN ENTIRE WEEK because they don’t have to pay a driver to deliver those meals! I don’t think people realize how easy it is to help other people who really need your help. It is truly making a difference and it takes so little to help others ... I highly recommend volunteering for VNA Meals on Wheels!”

- Sharon Rankin, VNA Meals on Wheels Volunteer

“I have been volunteering with VNA for 20 years. My parents spent 6 ½ years in a nursing home – my father had a stroke and couldn’t talk or anything and I would just sit with them for hours. After that experience, I just wanted to help others who are going through a similar situation and need someone to lean on. I sit with patients for hours and listen to their stories. It is a great pleasure to me! I enjoy my time with my patients and find joy in knowing that I am there for others during their final stages in life.”

- Jimmie McGee, VNA Hospice Care Volunteer

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